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Avoid Money Mule Scams

By knowing the signs of money mule activity, you can protect yourself and your community, and avoid assisting fraudsters.

State Auditor Office Data Breach Notice

Mountain Pacific Bank has been made aware of a data breach at the State Auditor’s Office (SAO) involving data that may have been stolen from their third-party vendor. While Mountain Pacific Bank systems have not been breached or hacked, the data with the SAO includes personal information for more than a million individuals who filed unemployment claims in 2020, as well as other information from some state agencies and local governments. In all, roughly 1.6 million claims are likely impacted.

Scams and Your Small Business

This post has a PDF from the Federal Trade Commission about how to avoid small business scams.

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Avoid Money Mule Scams

Scams and Your Small Business

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