A Message from our President – 3/8/19

Dear Mountain Pacific Bank valued customers,

We are proud to announce that this past week we launched an entirely new website site and design to improve your overall online experience.

For your peace of mind and security, we have incorporated state of the art security technologies to our website.

Of note, our prior web address of “mountainpacificbank.com” will automatically redirect you to “mp.bank” – which is our new website landing page. The .bank domains are eligible only to qualified financial institutions.

We encourage each of you to simply access the Mountain Pacific Bank website through the new “mp.bank” site.  In addition, if you have us saved in your “Favorites” please update to reflect our new “mp.bank” site.

Our website is full of feature rich enhancements that we incorporated with you, the end user in mind.

With a quick and easy ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) icon where you can now access, control and view content the way that you want it delivered. 

The website also provides a unified experience on all screens, utilizing responsive design knowhow – so whether you are on a pc, smart phone or tablet the Mountain Pacific Bank website will always present you with the same look, feel and familiarity.

Finally, we have built in navigational optimization that allows you to simply search and scroll through and to relevant topics delivered right at your fingertips – or at the very least a simple swipe of a fingertip.

Mountain Pacific Bank continues to challenge ourselves in delivering quality products and utmost customer service!

We would love to hear from you in how we may improve, so reach out to us directly at mail at info@mp.bank.


Mark Duffy
President & CEO